Purity 101

Is a social networking site for men’s groups, a sanctuary where they can grow in trust, transparency and friendship with each other.

Has over 300 pages of teachings, meditations and proclamations to help equip these men to walk in the “good plans” their Father God has for each of them (Jeremiah 29:11)

Purity 101 is subscription based.


Lust Is the foundation that the stronghold of sexual addiction is built upon.

Pornography grossly distorts a man’s view of the way normal women approach sex and sexuality.

Satan is a master at the art of deception and the reality is porn is pure deception.

Restore Purity

Is a site for any man needing hope and encouragement concerning his sex drive.

Everything is backed up with scripture which stops the enemy in his tracks

A first time visitor wrote in and said; …this site is so well focused. It helps the very first time you use it.

Restore Purity is totally free.


Mike Caven
Mike Caven has been in full time ministry for over thirty years. This website is born out of his personal journey into wholeness in Christ. He joined Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in 1980, ministering in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for 12 years.

Having a global world view, Mike’s visionary gifting is being employed by embracing the power of the world wide web to reach as many of his brothers in the Lord to help them walk in the freedom that Jesus paid for at the cross. Thus this website.

Mike married his wife Pat in 1982 and they have one adult son.

Why is Purity 101 Different?

12 Compelling Reasons
Security - Purity 101 is a secure environment where relationships based on honesty, trust and vulnerability are developed to help each other mature in Christ.

Privacy - Men do not need to show up in a physical location where they can be identified as participants in a group.

Variety - Purity 101 is embedded with many teachings, meditations, proclamations and videos that men can study on their own or they can join together and choose a bible study on any of the topics that is relevant to them at that time.