What is Purity 101?
Purity 101 is an easy to use online, highly secured, social networking site for men. The site offers many features:

The entire site features multiple layers and various types of security to promote sharing and confidentiality among each group of men.

There is a large amount of teachings on the site, which are viewable in several different styles, such as a snapshot of each page in an easy to use tile mode, two page book mode, zoom in and out features, full screen viewing etc. The men also have the ability to rate the teachings.

There are many videos available. The videos can be watched in a small window or in full screen mode. The men also have the ability to rate the videos.

Each group of up to 12 men has the ability to chat with one another but not with members of other groups. Once logged in the members of each group are able to see which other members of their group are currently online. The chat is in a small window in the lower right corner of the screen. One member chats with one member at time or multiple men from the same group can chat together in a chat room. The group leader can schedule times for the men to meet online to study and learn together and also share specific prayer needs. This also provides the men with the ability to keep one another updated concerning any progress or challenges a guy may be facing at any given time.

The forums are hosted by Mike Caven and will, over time, provide additional resources for all of the groups. The forums will also provide information that pertains to all groups, such as news and announcements, system maintenance etc.

The blog section has two functions. The first function is where Mike Caven writes various articles and shares them with all the groups. The second option is where the men of each group have their own personal blog. Their own blog is visible to either just themselves or within their group, whichever they prefer. The leader of each group can also assign his men to write a blog to help share their current progress.

The group leader is able to post notifications of upcoming events for the men within his group. For privacy, groups are not able to view the events from other groups. The event notification displays important information, such as the date and time of the event, which members are attending and how many members have not yet replied.

As is common in IT and web based security, a multi-layered approach offers the best options for maintaining and monitoring security. As such, the entire site entails both industry standard security protocols along with enhanced custom security protocols. The only person who has the ability to go into the site is the IT professional. Not even Mike Caven is able to view the activity of each group.