All information is kept in complete confidence and is never released to anyone.

Purchasing a One Year Subscription
  • • To begin the purchasing of a subscription, the first payment must be made in full.
  • • Once payment is made, you will receive a receipt.
  • • Price for a one year subscription is $360.00
  • • Each subscription is for a group of 12 men.
  • • You will receive a welcome e-mail with setup instructions.
  • • Subscription does not begin until the setup has been completed. Once subscription is activated, the subscription is valid for 12 months from that date.
  • • If you will be implementing a 12 or 24 week teaching module, please start setup no later than one week in advance.
  • •If you have any questions please contact Mike Caven at

Donating to Purity 101

Adding Additional Men to a Current Subscription
  • • The first 12 men are included with the purchasing of a subscription.
  • • If an individual drops out and is replaced with a new member, a $5.00 payment must be made for each new person through PayPal.

Replacing Men 1-6

Replacing Men 7-12

Purchasing a Gift Certificate for a One Year Subscription
  • • Gift Certificates are available for only 1 year subscriptions.