We are taking social networking to a new level with this website. It’s a tool for Christian men who desire a greater measure of purity and holiness in their lives, enhancing their relationship with their Father God. The site provides an online support community within one’s own church home or mission group. Unlike other social networks we offer a unique feature. Groups are confined to a maximum of 12 men per site, facilitating relationships based on honesty and trust with 24/7 availability to one another. Trust relationships are a vital component to healing and recovery. To ensure that this site is a safe place to share private and personal disclosures, we have made security a main priority by hiring an IT business that has certified IT, Cisco and network security professionals and web designers with extensive expertise in securing a site.

Within Purity 101 there is a seminar with 10 teachings titled, “The Choice and the Challenge.” This seminar addresses a man’s sexuality from five vantage points; 1) We are all Sexual Beings 2) We all have a Sex Drive 3) Our Sexual Orientation and preferences 4) Sexual Activity 5) God’s view of Sex and Sexuality, highlighting the consequences of our choices.

Within both Purity 101 and the Restore Purity websites you will find a high value placed on the power of “Our Identity As a Son” proclamations. Plus you will find meditations on “Who our God Is,” and on “The Cross of Jesus,” besides much, much more on each site.