6 Destructive And Deceptive Things You May Not Know About Lusting!

Lust Entices You With Promises Of Feeling Great With Lasting Pleasure. The Reality Is That It Will Leave You Feeling Miserable, Wanting More And Hating The Consequences!

Author Unknown

Lust Is The Foundation That The Stronghold Of Sexual Addiction Is Build Upon.

Mike Caven

He Whose Intellect Overcomes His Lust Is Higher Than The Angels; He Whose Lust Overcomes His Intelligence Is Less Than An Animal.

Mevlana Rumi

Carnal Lust Rules Where There Is No Love Of God.

St. Augustine

The More We Are Filled With Thoughts Of Lust The Less We Find True Romantic Love.

Doug Horton

Lust Is To The Gift Of Sex What Cancer Is To A Normal Cell.

Richard Exley

6 Destructive And Deceptive Things You May Not Know About Viewing Pornography!

Pornography Will Take You Farther Than You Want To Go, Keep You Longer Than You Want To Stay, And Cost You More Than You Want To Pay.

Author Unknown

The Chains Of A Habit Are Too Weak To Feel Until They Are Too Strong To Be Broken.

Samuel Johnson

What Pornography Is Really About, Ultimately, Isn’t Sex But Death.

Susan Sontag

Pornography Changes The Attitudes And Lifestyles Of Those Who Consume It, No Matter How Old A Person Is.

Donna Rice

Pornography Grossly Distorts A Man’s View Of The Way Normal Women Approach Sex And Sexuality.

Beth Spraul

Satan Is A Master At The Art Of Deception And The Reality Is Pornography Is Pure Deception.

Mike Caven